Once A Day Milking

At the June 2015 Once a Day milking conference in New Zealand Pr. Colin Holmes from Massey University delivered a very interesting paper.
He presented a 7 year study on 22 herds that moved to Once/Day milking and increased their profits by 16%, in Irish terms this is the equivalent of reducing production costs by €0.03c per litre. Using June 2015 milk prices this comes to an increase in profits of €20,000 in a 100 cow herd or increasing the herd €EBI by €200.

Colin said that based on his findings Once a Day milking will be the system of choice for all system 1, 2 and 3 Farms in New Zealand, these are all the low input systems. Mark Ryder from LIC was a New Zealand Ag advisor for 10 years, there were 10,000 cows being Once a Day milked in his patch in NZ so about 20 herds and its gaining in popularity, a lot of farmers were switching and not just the ones with land far from the Milking Shed.

once day milking
WFM (Jer) x MLX (Monty)

once day milking
WLT and her Solaris (PSQ) daughter.

The increase in profits came from the following areas;

once day milking
WLT x JIS (Dam and Gdam still in herd).

once day milking

Start out with a 3-4 year plan and stick to it but you have to go down to come back up. Results at Rossmore show there's loads of light at the end of the tunnel!

Rossmore Dairy production since milking Once a Day milking;
2011: 440kgs M/S on 600kgs meal, 385 days CI, TAD.
2012; 330kgs M/S on 400kgs meal, 370 days CI, Once a Day milking.
2013; 360kgs M/S on 500kgs meal, 365 days CI, Once a Day milking.
2014; 390kgs M/S on 200kgs meal, 363 days CI, Once a Day milking.
2015; 425kgs M/S on 200kgs meal, 361 days CI, Once a Day milking, pred with 35% heifers.

If we returned to Twice/day milking we'd probably produce 450kgs M/S on 400kgs meal ​so the extra Milk Revenue would be = 30kgs x 200 cows = 6,000kgs M/S x €4,500/ton = ​​ €27k.

B​ut cows are increasing anyway by 20kgs/MS per annum especially when the herd matures more and we're milking 15% heifers, not 35%.
The Twice/day empty rate would probably go from 4% to 10% (12 ​extra empty ​ cows @ €800/cow replacement cost = €9,600).
200kgs/cow extra meal would be fed = €10,000.
300 extra milkings @ €50/milking = €15,000.
Total cost​ of returning to Twice/Day milking​ = €34,600

once day milking